Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"The Way You Make Me Feel" designs released!

I hope your "New Year" has been good so far. For me it's a pretty good start! :]
I just want to let you my blogreaders know that my stardolldesign collection "The way you make me feel" designs has been released.
You can go to my suite and check it out. And please read the text I wrote on my presentation BEFORE you buy one piece!
And I hope you gonna like it :)

I don't have any news about graphics right now. I can only tell Im gonna work with Graphics of one of my favourite designers: Christian Dior. I have been so inspired of the makeup looks and the clothes so I'm really excited to my upcoming project. I think I will leave the whole "winter" collection of Graphics and start with the Dior project. Im afraid it can take very long time but I will come up with other graphics, like the Michael Jackson graphic. And Im still working on his diamonMilitaryJacket. I will put it up as soon it looks pretty good. And of course I will show it again when its totaly finished on when I have puted it on HIM!

But I have something to show you. I made a drawing pretty long time ago of Michael and I have puted it up on another blog before. But the thing is I made it look more REALISTIC in photoshop so I wanted to show you it.
Michael Jackson Drawing by meee sabina
I hope you like it!
Tell me in comments what you think!

Hugs Sabina


Vasia said...

I cannot wait to see them!

Could you accept my friend request on stardoll or add me?
I am Vasia28

I'd love to be friends!:)

PCDlover said...

omg it's great
it looks so real

bunny said...

its so cute!

Monin said...

I told you this but I'll tell you this once again :D I love all your drawings, designes, graphics and all your work. You are most talented on stardoll!

Carissa101910 said...

I love it!! It is so great!! ur a great designer!!