Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sneakpeak of Dior Graphics

Hi everyone!
As some of you know Im working on some Dior inspired Graphics. Both makeups and clothes. And its gonna be different seasons too.

Ah! Im always so curious so it affects you, my blog readers.
Mayeb some of you were curious of my Dior graphics? So here is one Graphic design I made. Its from Dior Spring 2009 Couture.

Jourdan Dunn for DiorDior inspired
P.S. The graphic isnt ready yet, Im gonna make a background, some shadows and fix the hands. (they are way to small)



Vasia said...

Are you kidding me?????:OOOO

You are the biggest talent I ever met on Stardol,My Sabina :))

Yazzieblue said...

That is seriously the best graphic I have ever seen!

thatgirlsophy said...

omg! thats amazing! you are incredibly awesome!

Fatimuchi said...

Omg! Dear, you are awesome!
It's... I can't find words... AH-MAZING!
Do you draw it? :)Or what do you do? xD

ana-gvg said...

Great Job!!! :]

Avril14140 said...

Omg,this,this is

Girl you have a talent!!
It`s something best I ever see!

Anonymous said...

You just stole that from Roi World. The one on there looks identical same with most of your other graphics.

Sabina said...

to anonymous: I have never ever been on a site named Roi World I do all my graphics by my self. Or else I just think its boring.
So I honestly ALWAYS make my graphics by my self!

Sparklything at stardoll said...

Sabina. You did it again!! It looks just the same.
I adore your work!

Anonymous said...

Hi sabina:)

I know you at stardoll and i like your designs soo much! I'm afraid to ask 13 years old and me too i'm doing designs on photoshop.but, still i can't make good graphic design.How can I learn more? so,please help me.i need it.

I hope you read

btw my english is very bad,sorry.

Monin said...

I lack words!
I love it my friend!
and I think that u look great in Dior dress! :*
Love Ya Monika

PCDlover said...

omg ure so good perfect dress anyway :D

iluvmumble333 said...

you rock my world. :)

RihannyX said...

Oh my god!! O_O
This is absolutly fantastic!! :D
Loveee it.<33

Earthanian. >:) said...