Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hi everyone. It has been long time since I posted anything here. Well I have been busy in school and Im working so hard on my graphics. Both the dior ones and other exiting stuff. Haha
I havet stopped making graphics at all, for the ones who belived that.

Well there is something else I want to tell you guys. Today Jenna and the others in the blog Stardoll's Most Wanted (Hotbuysbazaar) told who the winners of the sparkle awards were. And some of you might already know but I was nominated as "Best graphic designer" and guess what? I won. Its hard to belive it. And I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who voted for me. I give you a BIG hug! :D

Xo. Sabina

Btw. This is a graphic made by me. Its not finished yet and its eighter not the whole picture. But I need to share something new so you guys dont get bored :)