Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Michael Jackson Graphic design

Hello everyone!
Well first of all I want to wish everyone of you a HAPPE NEW YEAR!
I dont know if this has been a good or bad year.
First of all my sweet and loved Michael Jackson died june 25 so thats a huge bad thing with 2009. But at the same time was this the last year he was still on earth. So I dont know how to think or what to say.

Well, well I have a little graphic gift for you MJ lovers.
I made this graphic design of Michael Jackson during the Thriller era actually maybe two months ago, but now Im gonna show it for you.
Michael Jackson elinsweetlus
Its taken from a picture with him and Ola Ray. And I made it a Graphic design.
The whole thought behind this project is: I wanted to make MJ clothes graphics just as the Balmain clothes I made.
I have already started with one of his Grammy Award jackets and its unbelivable how HARD it is! haha.
But I hope you all gonna like and maybe love this thing I made. And please leave a comment :]

And btw. In the last letter I wrote I promised you a collection of Christmas graphics but Im sorry to tell you that I wont do that. Christmas is over so Im gonna do a winter collection insted. I hope that will be fine :]

God bless you all /Sabina


Monin said...

Wow Sabbi I love it. Really Great Job!

PCDlover said...

ure so talented Sabina !
coolt :)

bunny said...


Grace said...

Hey Sabina. :)
I'm grace--kelly from stardoll. :)
I hope You remember me. ^^
So I think Your graphik is amazing and I definitely love it. ;D
You are very talented. Use it. :p

Michael.J.Jacko said...

I love it so much Sabina, love you! godbless love Joe xx

smoothielove said...