Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Michael Jackson Graphic design

Hello everyone!
Well first of all I want to wish everyone of you a HAPPE NEW YEAR!
I dont know if this has been a good or bad year.
First of all my sweet and loved Michael Jackson died june 25 so thats a huge bad thing with 2009. But at the same time was this the last year he was still on earth. So I dont know how to think or what to say.

Well, well I have a little graphic gift for you MJ lovers.
I made this graphic design of Michael Jackson during the Thriller era actually maybe two months ago, but now Im gonna show it for you.
Michael Jackson elinsweetlus
Its taken from a picture with him and Ola Ray. And I made it a Graphic design.
The whole thought behind this project is: I wanted to make MJ clothes graphics just as the Balmain clothes I made.
I have already started with one of his Grammy Award jackets and its unbelivable how HARD it is! haha.
But I hope you all gonna like and maybe love this thing I made. And please leave a comment :]

And btw. In the last letter I wrote I promised you a collection of Christmas graphics but Im sorry to tell you that I wont do that. Christmas is over so Im gonna do a winter collection insted. I hope that will be fine :]

God bless you all /Sabina

Saturday, December 19, 2009

New stardesing-ideas and upcoming Christmas graphics!

Hi everyone! :]

As some of you probobly have noticed I haven't been online as much as I use to be on stardoll and the reason is: Christmas!
I have been in town almost every single day for a week now. I can't belive it's christmas that soon. It's amazing!

Well, first of all I'm gonna tell you about a new project I have in stardesign.
Right now I'm only making Michael Jackson designs, but I don't like that you can't put as much shapes you want on your designs. So I decided to make one picture of four pictures.
I wanted to make a HUGE poster of Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel"
I understand if some of you don't get this right now, but I'm gonna try to explain my thoughts :]

The picture looks like this:
And just think that we now are going to cut this picture in four pieces then one piece will look like this:
twymmf 2 Well, this one is made in stardesign, and now I have three more pieces to make to get the whole picture. I'm gonna sell all those four pictures as LE (limited edition design) Becuase I don't think I'm gonna have enough space to make all those designs at the same time :/.

Anyway I hope you liked this idea, I have been thinking of making a thing like that earlier but, it never happened so.

And now over to Graphic designs

Well as we all now it is Christmas very very soon. For christmas am I planning to make about 4 or 5 different "Christmas outfits". It's gonna be graphic of course and I'm gonna try to make different poses of my medoll and put some accessories on too. I hope I can make it before Christmas :]
I have done my medoll's face and I also made a little Christmas-greeting for you guys. :) So here it is I really hope you like it and I hope you look forward to Christmas and to see my upcoming designs!
Merry Christmas light effects

Monday, December 7, 2009

11 December - Start

Hi everyone, and first a BIG thank you for checking out this blog! :]

My name is Sabina and some of you might already know me as Sweetlus on
I had a blog before called and it was about the life on stardoll.

Well, what this blog is going to be about is actually not as much gossip, latest stardoll fashion and so on. This blog is going to be about my designs. Both Graphic designs made in Photoshop and stardoll designs.
I make Calebs, clothes inspired by real brands like Balmain and so on in Photoshop. And on stardoll I make clothes and interior stuff of calebs. But most Michael Jackson. I think I am more famous as a MJ designer than a calebdesigner.

Anyway, those designs are the ones I am going to share with you all. Im gonna start as soon as possible with new designs.

But here are some sneakpeaks of my work:
Balmain 2Balmain 333 Those two dresses are both from the Balmain Spring 2009 Ready To Wear collection. It is two of my favourite dresses from that collection.
If you are curious you can check out the "real dresses" belove:

Are you thirsty for more? Well if, I am sure I can let you see some more graphics belove :]
Make up Well, this is my medoll on stardoll. I changed the haircut in Paint, and made the neon-makeup in Photoshop. As you can see I changed the nose too. Well, I made the whole face look more realistic. The lips, the neck, the eyes, the nose and so on.

For now that will be all. But I'm really in to this so be ready for more. I won't stop now :]
You can, if you want leave suggestions about designs in my guestbook or just leave a comment here. So you know, right now I'm only making Michael Jackson designs on stardoll but if you have a really great picture of him you want me to design, feel no fear! Put a link of it in my GB or tell me in message!

Same thing here. I'm willing to take as many suggestions as I can of Graphics. It always makes me happy when people beg me to do a thing like that.

And! I really really hope you all liked this idea. I hope you enjoyed your visit on my blog and I hope you will come back later :]

Btw. I would be very happy if you commented what you liked, or what you didn't liked. My comment box is open, even for non-bloggers. Thanks and C ya!